Classical Music Mashup

for symphony orchestra

The original Classical Music Mashup is now brought to you in a wonderful symphonic experience!

Score and parts are available for purchase for multiple ensembles

Opus 5

original composition for large orchestra

This piece begins with a very dark mood and continues development with a heroic motif. At the conclusion of that phrase, a seemingly playful dance is heard before being taken over by the stomping march of darkness.

The Hebrides Overture

reorchestration for large orchestra

The Hebrides is a popular composition by Mendelssohn originally written for strings, double woodwinds, 2 natural horns, 2 trumpets, and 2 timpani. I felt like the fire of the beast within the cave could benefit from a more ferocious instrumentation so I rewrote the ending theme with an extensive instrumentation.

First of the Year

original composition for large orchestra

This is a demonstration of how quickly I can produce orchestral scores. This composition was named as it is because it was written from start to finish - including all notation - within a day.

Counterpoint Over War

original composition for orchestra

This was an entry for the PTA Reflections contest. The theme was "The world would be a better place if..." and I decided to illustrate how music can make everything better. The battle between harsh dissonances and harmonic melodies symbolize the good of music.

Piano & Winds in Eb

original composition for woodwind quartet

This is a slow piece for a woodwind quartet with little musical development thorughout the piece but maintains a calm mood without being repetitive.