Animated Robot Reveal

for FRC Team 4079

Using an imported CAD model and Blender 3D, I was able to create and sync a CG robot reveal video deeply inspired by the original Surface Studio reveal.

Spring Show Poster

for concert named "the show must go on"

View the video to see a time lapse of my design process.

Music Council Sweater

sweater mockup

This is a vector mockup for a sweater making use of one ink color and negative space to create a design.

Blender 3D Ad

for graphic design crew

This low poly model was created and rendered in Blender 3D as promotional material for my school's graphic design club. The turning animation goes between a wireframe and rendered view.

Bottle Launch Ad

for the physics department

My Physics teacher asked me to create a digital version of a handdrawn concept another student made. I decided to redraw it in 3D space and did some post-compositing in Photoshop.